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  • I want to bring a date or a plus one with me, can I bring them? Can I bring my kids?"
    We are being pretty lenient with plus ones since most people have to travel 6+ hours on a plane from the mainland. If you have received an invite WITHOUT your significant other, child, or plus one/travel buddy listed, and you would like them to attend as well, please reach out to the bride or groom. Most likely they will be able to attend. Please reach out about this in a timely manner so we can accommodate the extra guest in our numbers to our caterer.
  • What color will Zoe's hair be for the wedding?
    She has no idea. This is a question she's been trying to figure out since she got engaged. You can ask this all you want, but the answer currently is "No one knows, not even Zoe".
  • Will there be a traditional wedding cake smash?
    We will be having a cake smash, but to preserve the bride's dress, makeup, and hair, this will be happening on the night of the Casino Rehearsal Dinner, and there's a twist- YOU decide who gets caked first!
  • Can I take a centerpiece/floral arrangement?
    Yes, but please wait until after the Farewerll Brunch! Don't let the flowers go to waste, enjoy them while they're still pretty!
  • Can I take pictures of the wedding? Can I post photos of the wedding on social media?
    Yes, but please be discreet with your phone/camera during the ceremony. We encourage guests to post pictures on their social media channels, our only request is that you tag each photo with our wedding hashtags #2023HoneymoonLane , #MergingIntoLane , & #OneAisleTwoLanes .
  • Where are Christian and Zoe going on their Honeymoon?
    Around the world, literally. Starting with a stop in Japan, a few nights in the UK, then a cruise around Northern Europe and around to Italy, and finally, a stop in Iceland on the way back to Denver. If you have any travel tips for any of these areas, please let us know! We know there’s no way for us to learn every language before we leave, so having tips on travel in those countries would be amazing.
  • What are the wedding colors?
    Teal, Lavender, Dark Rose, Green, and Tan
  • We would like to bring a gift/send a gift. Where should we send it?
    Please know that we are departing on our honeymoon from Hawaii and will NOT have luggage space to carry back any bigger gifts. We suggest sending anything to our home at 7202 Fort Morgan Drive, Fort Collins, CO 80525 and one of our roommates or friends can stop by and pick it up for us while we’re away.
  • What are the Covid-19 restrictions? Do I need to wear a mask? Do I need to be tested or vaccinated?
    As of writing this (December 2021) we have no way of knowing what the Covid situation will look like in 2 years. We will keep this question updated every few months, and will answer definitively within a month of the wedding. Currently, if you are traveling to Hawaii, you need to submit both a negative test result or a vaccination record to the Hawaii Safe Travels program. Hawaii is also requiring masks when indoors except when eating or drinking. Some restaurants and shops are requiring your Hawaii State Travels status be shown.
  • Can I smoke?
    The venue requests that you only smoke in approved smoking areas at the venue. Please do not leave cigarette butts on the ground, as the Geckos will find them and the venue has gone to great lengths to get them to stop smoking ;)
  • How do I get to the venue?
    Preferably by car. Taxis, Uber, and Lyft can be very iffy when trying to summon a ride, especially the later in the night it gets and the further toward the north shore that you are, and just because you got a ride from town, there’s no guarantee that you will find a return ride when not in town. The venue has a parking lot where you can park, and runs a shuttle service to and from the lot to the venue.
  • Will the Ceremony and Reception be indoors or outdoors?
    Both the ceremony and the reception will be outdoors. The ceremony will be in open air (no tent) on grass, and the reception will be under a tent on concrete.
  • Will parking be available?
    The ceremony/reception venue is located in a private neighborhood, with limited parking on the street, so the venue has private parking lots nearby to accommodate all the guests. The venue runs a private shuttle service from the private parking to the venue for those who park there, and is only a short 5 minute ride from the venue.
  • Is Hale Koa Estate the same as the Hale Koa Hotel in Waikiki?
    NO! There are two places with VERY SIMILAR names. The hotel in Waikiki IS NOT where the wedding will be held! The wedding is being held at Hale Koa ESTATE in Hauula, HI; This is on the east side of the island of Oahu.
  • I have food allergies/dietary needs. Can these be accommodated for?
    Our caterer will try to accommodate all dietary restrictions, but we do need to know about them IN ADVANCE. Please include them with your RSVP so we can make sure there is food you are able to eat.
  • Can I make a toast?
    Only if you bring your own bread & toaster... kidding ha! We’re keeping the live toasts within the Wedding Party, the Parents of the Bride and Groom, and the Siblings of the Bride and Groom. We will have a videographer going around, getting a message from everyone individually where you can toast to the newly married couple if you so choose, or just leave a message of well wishes or advice for them.
  • What's the bar situation?
    There will be an open bar, but it will only be open for a few hours into the reception, then it will become a cash bar to allow those who need to drive a chance to sober up before getting behind the wheel. We will update this with times once we know those.
  • What's the bar situation at the Welcome Luau/Casino Rehearsal Dinner/Farewell Brunch?
    The Welcome Luau will include 3 drink tickets for our 21+ guests along with unlimited soft drinks & hot coffee. If you’d prefer more than 3 alcoholic drinks, it will be a cash bar. The Casino Rehearsal will hopefully have an open bar for a few hours, then it will become a cash bar to allow those who need to drive a chance to sober up before getting behind the wheel. We will update with times once we know those. The Farewell Brunch will have a mimosa bar and a good variety of non-alcoholic options. There will be no hard liquor served, just champagne & wine for those who would like it.
  • Will there be any activities before the wedding that I need to know about?
    Christian and Zoe will be arriving on the island about a week and a half before the festivities start. There’s a lot that will be going on during that week finalizing plans & preparing for the events but we will try to find time to spend with guests if you choose to arrive before events start on October 1st. Rumor has it that there will be a Wedding Shower on Oahu, and Bridal Showers in Dallas, TX, Orlando, FL, Fort Collins, CO and Boston, MA. More info for these will be sent out in a timely notice.
  • How many days should I plan to stay in Hawaii?
    We recommend you plan on staying a week. Our wedding activities will be 4 days long, so while you’ll have SOME time on those four days, you really need some whole days to experience all Oahu has to offer. If you plan on Island Hopping between the islands, I’d say you want at least a week and a half to 2 weeks to experience both Oahu and another island.
  • I plan on staying in a room in one of your hotel blocks at Turtle Bay or the Courtyard By Marriott North Shore. Do they have shuttles to and from the airport?
    Courtyard by Marriott does NOT offer any shuttle service from the airport or to any attractions. Turtle Bay Resorts has shuttle service to and from the airport and various locations around the island, but must be booked 24 hours IN ADVANCE to use their shuttle service.
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